We handle at one go everything from gas production technology, like cryogenic air separation, PSA and membrane separation technology, to container and storage technology, like CE, portable containers and gas cylinders, as well as the means of transportation, like tank trucks. And as a total gas systems company, we supply a variety of industrial gases for a wide range of fields, particularly manufacturing (steel, electronics, chemical, etc.).Tank Truck and Cylinders Welding

  • Mini On-site Plant, and Medium- and Small-Scale Gas Plant
  • VSU network (regionally distributed, stationary gas plant)
  • Large-scale On-site
  • Electronics Gas and Chemical
  • Engineering and Maintenance
  • Information Electronics Materials


  • NV Nitriding
  • Advantages of NV Nitriding
  • Samples applied NV Nitriding
  • NV Nitriding for Die-casting Dies
  • NV Nitriding for Forging Dies
  • NV Pionite
  • Samples applied NV Pionite
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